Delivery Time: Deliveries are generally 2-3 weeks from receipt of approved artwork.Please see the printing specifications and notes about artwork.

Rush Service : (delivery in 10 working days or less) is subject to availability and rush charge of a minimum of $155.00(G) per order. All custom orders with a delivery date of 10 working days or less are considered rush. Rush service is only available upon approval. Due to the varying demands of different rush orders a Premium Rush order charge will be assessed at the time of order acceptance.

Delivery to US addresses: We suggest that you ship directly from your place of business to your US clients, if you want us to ship on your behalf you need to be aware of the following:

  • We cannot ship third party billing on orders going the US
  • A complete US address including : Contact Name, Phone number and US Tax identification number of the importer must given at the time the order is placed.
  • The Bag Man will be the exporter of record and our name will be on the commercial invoice that accompanies the order
  • A $45 administration charge will be added to the cost of your order for the filling out and filing of necessary custom paper work
  • The cost of the freight and subsequent charges related to the shipment including , customs brokerage, tariffs and taxes that may not be known at the time of the shipment will be charged at the time we are made aware of the charges. this can be some weeks after the initial delivery.
  • We take no responsibility for any delays in shipment, for any reason including a re submission of custom paper work due to an error on our part.

For Quantities Under 5000, Standard Ink Colors.

Note: Ink colors shown for reference only, on screen color, or reproduction of this page may not match actual ink color.Screens, Half tones or reverses available to our specifications. (additional cost may apply upon final submission of art work) Maximum 25% ink coverage).


1) No ink bleeds

2) PMS in color matching included ( Non Premium Colors)

3) Up to 6 color printing is available.

3) Screens, half-tones or reverses available to our specifications. ( Additional cost may apply upon final submission of artwork) Maximum 25% ink coverage.



We will have your bags printed and ready to ship in 3 working days from signed off proof.You must supply vector art. We will confirm the order with a proof and contract within 4 business hours of receiving all components.

  • Maximum quantity per order is 2500.
  • Magic services is subject to availability and will be confirmed once PO is received.
  • One color printing only, must be one of our standard colors.

Products available for Magic services:

  • Fold over die cut handle bag, White and Colored 
  • Paper Shopping bags in White or Kraft.
  • Auto litter bags in Recyclable 





  • Nature Friendly: We have added an Nature Friendly line of bags, these are some of the newest and innovative environmental friendly material.We encourage you to ask questions about the different materials so we can help you find the best solution for you community and environment.
  • Degradable Plastic: OXO Degradable Additive:  How it works: An additive is introduced at the time the plastic is extruded; we are currently using Oxo degradable additive. The additive reacts with , heat, light and oxygen and movement to break down the plastic molecules.          Oxo-degradable plastic is made by blending an additive into the plastic during the extrusion process. The additive causes the molecular structure of plastic to break down when exposed to heat or sunlight and oxygen. The plastic will eventually be in a state where it can be digested by microorganisms. At this point, the plastic will degraded fully into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.Oxo-degradable plastic, does not require a biological process to degrade. Microorganisms will speed up the degradation process, but they’re not required. This gives oxo-biodegradation a distinct advantage over prior methods for degrading plastic.The degradation time varies depending on the amount of exposure to degradation promoters (sunlight, heat, and microorganisms). This is an optimal situation for consumers. Oxo-biodegradable plastic degrades quickest in the exact situation we want it to: when it becomes litter. If the plastic is used properly it will last many years, but once it becomes litter it could degrade in under 12 months.In a landfill Oxo-biodegradable plastic will degrade quickly if oxygen is available to assist the degradation process, this is common to be found in the top 15cm of landfill. However, at depths approximately greater than 15cm  the Oxo-degradable process will stop and thus not release methane gas. This is another advantage of   Oxo degradable plastic. Life Circle: These Bags will degrade in 1-2 years. Key Selling Points:Very cost effective, looks like regular plastic and performs during its useful life cycle like regular plastic. Cost only 10-15% more than conventional plastic bags. 


  • 4 Standard sizes stocked in the Fold Over Die Cut style-Minimum 500 bags.
  •  Auto litter bags-Minimum 500 bags. 
  • 5 Standard Sizes available in T-Shirt style grocery bags-Minimum 20,000 bags. 
  • Compostable Plastic Bags: How it works: Certified Compostable PLA (Polylactic acid) PLA  is synthesized from processed corn or other starch based renewable plant feedstock, and it degrades after use, if commercially composted. Life Cycle:Bags have up to a 2 year shelf life bags may compost within 2 weeks in a commercial compost setting. Key selling Points: Certified Compostable  Complies with the strictest of municipal by laws. PLA uses Renewable resources (Corn) in its production. Making PLA requires 30% to 50% less fossil fuel than polymers synthesized from hydrocarbons.


  • White fold over die bags, 16 x 18 + 4 size available in minimums of 500 bags.
  • Auto litter bag - minimum of 25000. Customize sizing starting at 10,000 bag orders.

Recycled Paper Shopping Bags: How it works:Recycled Natural Kraft Paper contains 80% post industrial recycled content.Recycled White Kraft Paper contains 50% post consumer recycled content. Life Cycle: Paper shopping bags are made from a renewable resource and are recyclable and degradable.Many city recycling programs collect paper for recycling.  Key Selling Points:  Natural fiber material. Made from a renewable resource.


  • Recycled paper bags available in Natural or White Kraft color paper in 5 sizes                



Artwork can be supplied electronically on disk or via email.Artwork specifications:

  • Dont use type smaller than 8 points
  • where artwork specs below is not available, upon receipt of your rough layout, we will create artwork which will be billed on a time basis cost of $65.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of 1/2 hour.
  • No authorizations will be sought  on artwork charges of $65.00 or less, unless specially requested.
  • On orders over 5000, half - tones can be used and 55/85 screen is required a shade range of 20% to 80% as anything higher tends to plug in as a solid and anything lower will not print. All photos must be submitted for approval before acceptance.

For One(l) Color Printing:

  • Artwork required is camera ready size as you want to print
  • Minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Camera ready with center marks right to left and north to south.
  • There is a $15.00 charge to add center marks if they are not included.

For Two(2) or more ink colors:

  • Artwork required is camera ready size as 
  • Color Separated art board with acetate overlay with 1/8" trap per color.
  • All key lines a minimum of 1/8".
  • Center marks to be included.
  • There is a $15.00 charge to add center marks if they are not included.

Half Tone Screens:

  • Artwork required is camera ready size as you want to print
  • All screens should be black and white
  • Minimum of 600 .dpi output
  • Maximum of 85 line
  • Minimum 65 line.
  • Density maximum is 80%, minimum 20%.

Artwork on Disk (Formats):

  • P.C. Corel 10 or EPS
  • MAC: Adobe, Quark, and Illustrator. All residential fonts must be included with files
  • $65/hr for all outputting and any corrections to artwork from disk.
  • A composite output must accompany any disk, or we do not assume responsibility for final output copy.

Film Supplied

  • Emulsion Up
  • Reading right
  • Center marks must be on film or a $25.00 per color charge will be added. ?



Flexographic printing guidelines:

  • In Post Printing, reverses, half tone, framing of copy are only accepted upon revision of artwork by The Bag Man.
  • All in line Printing is done in web form. Post-printing bags are preformed then printed.
  • All inks are Translucent.

Extra Plate Charges : Plate charges only apply when copy is not an exact repeat on the second side. Additonal plates are charged per change per color. If you are not sure of how many plates are required please email your art work and order information to to verify final cost.

Plain Stock: This is inventory that we stock in our warehouse and available for immediate shipment.

Process Printing Flexographic:  All process printing separations have to be done by The Bag Man, we accept no responsibility for printing outcomes.

Hot Stamping  printing guidelines:

  • Hot Stamping is available on most items and unless otherwise stated there will be an additional minimum charge of $110/1000(e) impressions or less. 
  • Hot Stamping uses foil and not all artwork is compatible with this print method, small details or fine lines may fill or not print.As we will not hot stamp reverse images.
  • Standard Foil Colors: Black, Gold, Silver, White, other colors may be available at the time of order. Please check with Sales Representative.
  • There is no pantone matching of foil colors, other colors than our standards are very limited and may be subject to an up charge if available.
  • Maximum image size is 11 x 5.5, but may be smaller depending on the item being printed.

Plate Charges : Plate charges apply if copy is not exactly repeated on the second side and extra plate will be charged per change/ color. Plates are stored up to 2 years from last use.



  • We carry over 70 color selection of ribbons.
  • The color shown on the screen may not be the true color of the ribbons.